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Our StartUp has created a new attractive tool intended for the general public for hotel restaurants, fixed catering structures and other atmospheric rooms.


17 years of successful experience serving the public to provide you with a real opportunity for growth.
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Gilles NANNI and his TEAM

Gilles NANNI

CEO Founder

Why Invest

Investing allows you to grow your capital in the long term

1. New theme

Totally attractive and promising, the immersion or large format visual atmosphere is a positive experience that is pleasant to live and repeat

2. High attendance

Logically, the location quickly becomes a reference and the number of prospects increases easily, even more so in a high population density.

3. Significant increase in turnover

Who says attendance speaks of a constantly increasing figure as well as the financial results, up to the strong growth generated

Manufacturing process

1. Exact calculation of diffusion dimensions
2. Creation of files (visual themes)
3. Installation and distribution

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Video example


Discover how to transform a simple restaurant room into a magical and soothing place

Before/After Examples

Hotel entrance


Unique and Exceptional

Because there is currently no communication tool similar to this one, we invite you to receive more information on this profitable investment

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Restaurant Lounge

Varied Themes

To maintain emotion during the broadcast, it is pleasant to change the environment and thus travel through several universes during the duration that you choose to show to your customers in this context.

Quelques exemples de thème en image parmi un large choix et des demandes sur-mesure

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